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You Glow Girl Tanning Mousse

A luxury tanning mousse with a universal brown base, meaning it's great for all skin types. this is also a rapid solution, so you are able to rinse in a couple hours for a light color sleep in it for dark dark. This is great because you are able to use this one bottle throughout the year for all seasons. You will apply this mousse with a tanning mitt. $42 ($50 with mitt)

Tan Extender Lotion

This is a gradual tanner/tan extender lotion. It looks like plain white lotion but holds the key ingredient of DHA (the active ingredients in all spray tans that darkens your skin) this can be used to extend the life of your tan or help give you a little color over time on its own. $25

Touch up Spray

My little secret to a quick Sunkissed glow on my face year-round. If you are already a spray tan client of mine I Custome mix this spray to your exact solution color that we use during your tans. You can use this to help faded area, mess up spots or just as a light tanner for face/neCk/chest year-round. $15

Hempz Lotion

One of my absolute favorites for your spray tan. I carry many different scents in both large and travel sizes.

SunBum Sunscreen

My trusted sunscreen lotion for spray Tans. This brand will not strip your tan and is a lotion so will help hydrate and absorbs well. I carry 30spf and 50spf travel size bottles. $13

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